Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose

Big Sea Band

The band:

  • Isabelle Olivier - Harp,
  • Sebastien Texier - Clarinet, sax,
  • Catherine Delaunay - Clarinet, basset horn,
  • Johan Renard - Violin,
  • Tam de Villiers - Guitar,
  • Marc Buronfosse - Bass,
  • Joe Quitzke - Drums,
  • Olivier Sens - Laptop.

Like a Big Band, echoing the suggestive powers of marine elements, that she particularly liked, Isabelle Olivier gathers around her, loyal musicians of the group "Ocean" and adding to it three musicians ready to try the adventure of new musical paths and trails improvised. The repertory is composed by the musicians for a musical journey without borders, the borders of jazz, traditional music, classical and current, where the imaginary, permanent freedom, the variable geometry of each piece and the originality of the meetings of stamps acoustic and electro take us on a journey in search of universality.

Big Sea Band Photo by Christian Taillemite

Selected video