Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose

The Compagnie Métamorphose

Introduction to the Compagnie

The Compagnie Métamorphose was created in 1995 and its projects revolve around three ideas :

- Creating, researching, innovating, writing and improvising contemporary musics taking into account the influence of classical, traditional and jazz musics. Interdisciplinary encounters with all the artistic fields – dance, poetry, visual arts and theatre – are taking place thanks to artistic residencies and to Isabelle Olivier's permanent management of the projects since 1995. Thanks to its different artistic creations, the Compagnie has gradually developed a unique personality and way of introducing demanding and poetical shows.

- Diffusing through the emergence of musical and transdisciplinary forms, from solo performances to group initiatives involving singers and choirs. Every year, there are around fourty shows taking place in France and abroad. For the past eight years, there have been numerous collaborations with the United-States. The Compagnie works with diverse cultural partners, but it also chooses to play in atypical places : the countryside, urban landscapes, hairdressers, markets... It has a constant wish to adapt itself and discover various contexts.

- Cultural actions through creative workshops, ensembles, master classes are meant to make more people aware of what's going on in the cultural field. The Compagnie wants to attract a broad audience, composed of people who don't usually have access to cultural productions. Hence, it organizes repetitions and discussions with the audience. This way, the Compagnie hopes to encourage artistic creation and to help different people to imagine, develop and create new ideas. Passing things on, no matter how old you are or where you come from, is one of the Compagnie's leitmotivs.


Since 2018, the association is run by Franck Rougeau. He is both an innovative entrepreneur in the field of new technologies and a producer of live shows.

The fact that the Compagnie puts an emphasis on culture and education entails a consistency between creation, diffusion and cultural actions.

A professional team – artists and technicians – and volunteers, along with the president, the secretary and the treasurer work for the Compagnie's sustainability. The fact that there is a stable artistic and technical team working with Isabelle Olivier, and that the Compagnie produces its shows internationally enables the association to grow.