Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose

Don't Worry Be haRpy!

The band:

  • Isabelle Olivier - Harp 
  • Larry Gray/ Marc Buronfosse - Double Bass 
  • Paul Wertico/ Fabrice Moreau - Drums

Let me introduce my new project. I am going to compose and perform a jazz oper(rph)arp. Many years ago, I first heard Bobby McFerrin and his incredible voice. So, after hearing my idea, he allowed me to use his title, "Don't Worry, Be HaRpy."

If you love harp, jazz music, art, civilization, nature, Chicago, Paris, beauty, technology, having fun, imagination, love, we will share a great moment together.

The first step is composing and rehearsing with 4 wonderful musicians, Larry Gray on double-bass and Paul Wertico on drums in Chicago, with Marc Buronfosse on double bass and Fabrice Moreau on drums in France. Then, we plan on playing concerts during 4 seasons in France, the United States, and the rest of Europe.

Second step is with 4 incredible from Chicago and finally a choir and Big Band.

I'm very excited and I thank you so much for being a part of my Dream Project with my Dream Team.

Can't wait to meet you! Don't Worry, Be HaRpy!

Don't Worry Be haRpy! Photo by Robert Levy