Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose


Music is an art that can connect people regardless of their identities, ages, gender, or cultural backgrounds. It is a link of an extraordinary strength that offers creative accessibility to all.

Travel has always been a strong artistic driving force associated with places of nature and culture. It takes a visionary dimension on current society. It allows observation, contemplation, spiritual and artistic movement. As a result,the construction of international residences, performances and related cultural activities linked to each other ensures a universal coherence.

InBetween Photo by Robert Levy

Selected video

This performance is associated to other artists like visual artist, hip-hop dancer, poet, painter, landscaper.

The development over 6 years of an «Artistic Permaculture» allows both to draw a soundscape that evolves over the seasons and places and to resonate other disciplines in the texture of music.

The « In Between » program is a set of 12 compositions which bring people to travel and open their mind about different cultures, dimensions, connections, and countries.