Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose

Island #41

The band:

  • Isabelle Olivier - Harp
  • Olivier Sens - Laptop
Island #41

« This musician [...] never fails to " magical " aesthetics attached to it. Alone or faced with electronic machines by Olivier Sens, she develops a language almost Monkish, refusing any gratuitous virtuosity in favor of an exploration of the potentialities of this instrument. »
Bernard Loupias - Le Nouvel Observateur

« In any event, she makes the most of "the depth and strength" of her instrument, equating it to the colors and singing of "Ocean." [...] she associates with pleasure strings and winds to deliver music which is very open, malleable, to address an unexpected shore via a unique confrontation between the instrument and electronic textures by Olivier Sens that appear to be timeless. »
Robert Latxague - Jazz Magazine

Island #41 Photo by Ursula K

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