Isabelle Olivier – Harpist, composer, educator, and artistic director at Metamorphose


Oasis - Enja, 2019


  • Isabelle Olivier - harpe, electronique
  • Rez Abbasi - guitare
  • Prabhu Edouard - tabla
  • David Paycha - batterie

Recording track list

  1. My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers / arranged by Rez Abbasi)
  2. Lemongrass (Rez Abbasi)
  3. Cherry Blossom (Isabelle Olivier)
  4. Timeline (Isabelle Olivier)
  5. Coeur qui bat (Isabelle Olivier / Prabhu Edouard)
  6. Stepping Stone (Rez Abbasi)
  7. Road Movie (Isabelle Olivier)
  8. Dodeca (Isabelle Olivier)
  9. Other Tones (Rez Abbasi)
  10. Looking for Dad (Isabelle Olivie)

OASIS, the new recording from the award-winning guitarist Rez Abbasi and the captivating French harpist Isabelle Olivier, makes the pairing of their respected instruments sound predestined. The confluence between harp and guitar offers unique opportunities in harmony, rhythm, and texture, which they magnificently capture and magnify in order to create a personal sound.

Release info

Enja, 2019