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23 international musicians and a singers like Norma Winstone, David Linx, Peter Erskine, David Binney, Eivind Opsvick, Didier Lockwood, Louis Moutin…

ENJA / Harmonia Mundi (2012)

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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Dear all,
What a wonderful season autumn is, with its vibrant colors, and as Albert Camus said, where every leaf is a flower. The current Indian summer is an extraordinary time.

I feel so joyful to finalize "Do not worry, be Harpy" for a first album with Larry Gray / Marc Buronfosse - bass, Paul Wertico / Fabrice Moreau drums, Celine Grangey acoustic and electronics sounds and mix. This is a very exciting dialogue between France and the United States. After months of gestation, the new creation will be ready in a few weeks. It will be released by Enja / Yellow Bird, distributed by Harmonia Mundi in France and Allegro in the United States. The support of all individuals and institutions to release it is a great energy for artistic dynamics.

I’m thrilled to get an artistic grant from the Region Ile de France which will achieve our goals of implementing three steps: Instrumental in 2014, 4 singers and the Big Sea Band in 2015 and finally the full scale form with a Big Band and a Choir in 2016 .

In October, I had the chance to fulfil an artistic residency at Silo Mereville (91) in a rural setting, where the nature of the "Baron in the Tree”" was very present. Soon, we will also present our instrumental version of the opera at Castle Blandy - a unique medieval castle near Paris. And then concerts in Chicago will continue the instrumental opera.

I will perform a concert at The Belgium Center of the Harp, and will lead a Master class in Brussels. We will bring together young harpists from all over Europe. I will introduce the new electro-acousitque Salvi harp - "The Rainbow" harp, and allow everyone to discover an amazing harp with acoustic and electronic possibilities. I am proud to be an ambassador and to share this modern evolution of the instrument with young professionals - I am proud to research and develop an instrument that has such endless potential.

Hope to see you soon at the next concert and to share some musical ensemble autumn flowers.

Isabelle Olivier