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don’t worry, be haRpy

don’t worry, be haRpy - Enja / Yellow Bird - distribution Harmonia Mundi (2015)

Musicians on record:

  • Isabelle Olivier : Harps
  • Marc Buronfosse/ Larry Gray : Bass
  • Fabrice Moreau/ Paul Wertico : Drums/Percussion
  • Céline Grangey : Electronics

Compositions by Isabelle Olivier
Director Bojan Z

Enja / Yellow Bird - distribution Harmonia Mundi (2015)

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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Isabelle Olivier, summer 2015 news

The fall is sewn moments of grace that do not last. Janine Boissard

Dear friends,

Fall has arrived with golden leaves and shimmering lights. 
It will begin with the 3rd part of Artistic Residence in the extraordinary setting of the Villa Le Nôtre in Versailles. A solo will be held Friday, September 25, at 6:00pm in the Dance Festival Passy Dance Floor 2015. I am quite honored to be the first Artist with the Villa Le Nôtre Prize.

During the Fall season we are also preparing the 2nd volume of ‘Do not worry, be Harpy’, sung with four American soloists accompanied by seven French musicians, to be released June 2016 with Enja/Harmonia Mundi.  After an extraordinary Residency at Blandy Castle this summer we will concoct, with exceptional musicians,  a “live” version of the songs and singers.  It will be recorded in the theater of Guyancourt and at Blandy Castle.

On the other hand, I had the honor to set to music the last film by Agnès Varda, “The 3 Buttons”, that has just been presented at the Venice Film Festival. For those who have not seen it, check out the link below. This is the fourth collaboration with one of the most outstanding filmmakers of our time.

An unpublished version for 20 harps of ‘Do not worry, be Harpy” will be presented Saturday, November 14 and Thursday, December 10. The idea is to create a Big Band with troubadour, lever and classic harps.

At the same time, I will perform instrumental concerts in France and the United States.  In the coming weeks you can stay informed through My sincere thanks to you and  to our French and American partners for your continued support.

Looking forward to meeting you soon and to share an Indian summer which will hopefully be sunny for all of us, filled with moments of grace.

Isabelle Olivier