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don’t worry, be haRpy volume 2

don’t worry, be haRpy volume 2 - Enja / Yellow Bird - distribution Harmonia Mundi (2016)

Musicians on record:

  • Isabelle Olivier: Harpe
  • Catherine Delaunay: clarinette
  • Johan Renard: violon
  • Tam de Villiers: guitare
  • Marc Buronfosse: contrebasse
  • Fabrice Moreau: batterie
  • Céline Grangey: sons acoustiques/électroniques
  • Olivier Sens: sons électroniques

 Chanteurs :

  • Lynne Jordan
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Saalik Ziyad
  • Kristiana Rohmer

Compositions Isabelle Olivier

Enja / Yellow Bird - distribution Harmonia Mundi (2016)

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Isabelle Olivier - Vendredi 17 June

Isabelle at Sunset Sunside

Isabelle Olivier at Sunset

Isabelle Olivier - harp, composition; Kristiana Rohmer - vocal; Lynne Jordan - vocal; Pascal Horn - vocal; Saalik Ziyad - vocal; Thomas Beuf - piano-accordeon ; Johan Renard - violin; Raphaël Beuf - guitare ; Olivier Sens - electric bass ; Marc Buronfosse - bass ; Fabrice Moreau - drums

Well-known harpist Isabelle Olivier presents her new album “Don’t worry, be haRpy” with brand new compositions...

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HaRpy New Year 2016

HaRpy New Year 2016. Isabelle Olivier

"To create is to resist, to resist is to create"
2016 hardly starts and more than ever the themes of "The Baron in the tree" are currents ones: Freedom, Human rights, respect for the Human being and nature, the right to be different, the pleasure of living...
I am even more motivated in this beginning of the year to realize my jazz opera with 3 volumes: instrumental, 4 soloists singing with 7 musicians and in the end a large music group with a Gospel Choir and the Harpy Choir, staging over 70 artists. The creation of this large band will be realized in summer 2016 with concerts in France and the US. The very first concert will be held at Plan in Ris Orangis in France, then in Versailles, and in Chicago. The new release "Don't worry be haRpy!" Volume 2 will also be a summer event.
I begin this January in the US with concerts in Chicago and in New York. Then I’ll be Back to France to start master classes with the E Gospel Choir, then with the Music Schools of Boulogne and Sevres where we will play with a Big Band of over twenty harps! I will continue my winter residency at Villa Lenôtre in Versailles. We will offer a 3 hours’ workshop on voice and I’ll present my winter variation in this magical place of heritage and innovation.
I am particularly pleased with this special link woven over the months between music lovers, professionals through workshops, master classes, and regular concerts created in Paris and Chicago in parallel with more traditional concerts.
Thank you very much four your presence, your support and your loyalty! I look forward to sharing with you this coming creative and exciting year.
Let's create, resist and share unlimited precious moments!